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- Major progress was made in the reform of st

y reached a new high. China's GD▓P in 2007 reached 24.66 tril

lion yuan, an increase of 65▓.5% over 2002 and an average annua

l increase of 10

ate-owned enterprises (SOEs), the financial system, fiscal and taxation systems, t

.6%, rising from the six

he s▓ystem of foreign trade and economic cooperation, and the administrative system

th h▓ighest one in

. China has entered a new stage in developing a more open economy. Total volume of

the world to the fou

imports and e▓xports reached 2.17 trillion dollars in 2007, raising China from the

rth. Total government reve

sixth largest trading nation in the world to the third largest. - Good progress w

nue reached 5.13 trillion yuan

as m▓ade in efforts to make China more innovative, and a number of major scientific

, a 171% increase over

2002. Our foreign exchange reserves exceeded 1.52 trillion U.S. do▓llars. - The agricultural tax was rescinded, ending the centuries-old practice of farmers paying taxes. China's grain output ▓rose four consecutive

and tec▓hnological innovations with international impact were made. Manned s

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